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After selling her multi-million dollar ecommerce company, Kathryn Porritt made the very deliberate decision to create her next company from pure joy. She elected to work with a select few personal brands on their luxury style, website and branding projects. This morphed quickly into the leading agency representing Iconic personal brands globally in their quest to not only brand as a personal brand Icon, but sell luxury offers and deals, as well as create Iconic connections.

Kathryn’s agency, Iconic Influencers, co-creates Iconic strategies from brand and offer through to sales and exit. She has become the leading expert on Iconic personal brands globally, and is highly-sought after as a speaker and media personality on personal brand strategies. luxury personal style and Iconic marketing campaigns.

Kathryn’s team is the best in the world at creating Iconic connections, deals and branding; with creatives and strategists on the team from many countries and backgrounds, assembling to achieve world-class results for the Iconic brands they represent.

To work with Iconic Influencers, simply schedule a call to speak with our team about your Iconic goals.



The leading agency for Iconic Personal Brands with elite expertise.


Marketing campaigns for brands seeking extraordinary outcomes.


Programs and content to inspire personal brands to become Iconic.

Meet the Iconic Influencers Team

Kathryn Porritt

CEO & Founder

What makes you Iconic?
My ability to see the biggest vision for everyone – I see the biggest version of possibility for people, brands, deals – and not being the least bit scared to bring that into reality.  

What is your audacious dream?
To live 50/50 at home and wherever we want.  The biggest pleasures we have had are in travel with our loved ones, so facilitating this in the next few years is not just a dream, it’s what we’re actualizing. 

Who do you consider to be an Icon? Why?
So many… my favorites are Dolly Parton, Shonda Rhimes, Martha Stewart, Sir Richard Branson… because they see the biggest vision, have bravely made it come to life and have literally shifted paradigms with their genius.  I also believe our Iconic clients are extraordinary.  Watch out world – their names will soon be on your list of Icons of all time too.

Matteo Villa


What makes you Iconic?
My analytical approach and quick thinking. I can grasp the overall picture of a project and see the ramifications of a choice from different points of view.

What is your audacious dream?
To find the perfect place to live (enjoying the search).

Who do you consider to be an Icon? Why?
Adriano Olivetti. He was a pioneer of innovation across multiple aspects of his company: products, design, production process, workers welfare, gender equality and much more.
“Often the term utopia is the easiest way to sell off what one doesn’t have the will, capacity or courage to do. A dream seems a dream until you begin to work on it. Then it can become something infinitely bigger.”

Nicole Araya

Brand Manager

What makes you Iconic?
My ability to be relentless in the pursuit of my goals and aspirations, while always celebrating the journey along the way.

What is your audacious dream?
Never stop growing. Travel the paths less taken, connect with people from every walk of life, continue to be lifelong learner, and always find beauty and inspiration within the big and small facets of life.

Who do you consider to be an Icon?  Why?
Reese Witherspoon – Beyond navigating the Hollywood acting realm, her ability to identify, create, and cultivate a global media empire dedicated to women is nothing short of admirable. Her genius in her execution is all the more impressive and inspiring.

Ocearn Nurse​

Executive Assistant to Kathryn Porritt

What makes you Iconic?
My resilience and open minded outlook on life. I don’t stop when I hit a roadblock and I am always searching for a way to excel and grow.

What is your audacious dream?
To immerse myself in many different cultures, meet all different people and experience the beauty the world has to offer. Never having my children believe they can’t achieve their dreams; whatever they may be.

Who do you consider to be an Icon? Why?
50 cent, he has achieved so much and continues to impress me with how many different avenues he has his hands in.

Penny Mealing


What makes you Iconic?
I absolutely love being a part of my client’s journey to success! I will find every possible way and option that suits them- not one shoe fits all and I thrive on customising and watching them reap the benefits of their hard work.

What is your audacious dream?
To show my daughters their dreams can truly become a reality. Creating a life where we’re not afraid to take a chance, pivot and continue to grow!

Who do you consider to be an Icon?  Why?
Aretha Franklin – With a legendary career spanning several generations and a multitude of genres, she well and truly earned her title, “The Queen of Soul.” A household song, “Respect”, not only continues to get us on the dance floor but reminds us of her journey and passion for women’s equality and respect becoming a role model for women and African Americans during the civil rights era.

Rachel Coutlis


What makes you Iconic?
That in the midst of chaos, I have learnt how to stay calm and in control. 

What is your audacious dream?
To be a lady of leisure, traveling the world trying all different cuisines! 

Who do you consider to be an Icon? Why?
Jacinda Ardern. She’s conquered motherhood and running a country. Her leadership capabilities and decisions are incredible.

Kat Beska

Booking Manager

What makes you Iconic?
I embrace my authentic self without fear of judgment. I’m not afraid to go after everything I want in life, and I don’t believe in settling for less than I deserve. I hope to inspire others to adopt that mindset. We all deserve the best. Never settle!

What is your audacious dream?
To continue to create amazing memories with my loved ones. Explore the world endlessly and discover a fulfilling pursuit where each day is filled with excitement. I hope to surround myself with those who inspire me, and hopefully, I have the same impact on a few along the way. Embrace the journey, persistently dream, believe, and graciously receive all that life has to offer.

Who do you consider to be an Icon? Why?
My friends. They are all a remarkable group of resilient, intelligent women. Despite encountering significant challenges, they persistently pursue their passions and stand as incredibly positive role models to those that surround them. They teach me how to be a better person and encourage me to pursue all I want in life. Their impact is profound, I can proudly say they’ve changed the world in many ways. They are the true icons in my eyes.


Iconic Influencers works with the biggest brands and influencers in the world, and we’ve taken our knowledge and created incredibly valuable trainings for you to discover how you can take your personal brand and become Iconic too. You’ll be taught by the best of the best; and have access to the latest trainings showing you exactly what is working now.



Iconic Influencers is not your typical Talent Agency. We handle commercialization deals for our clients globally, representing them across press, speaking, brand collaborations, partnerships and business deals. Our clients are all the elite in their niche, creating extraordinary impact for themselves, the brands they partner with and their fans.



Iconic Influencers work with brands globally to create masterfully executed marketing campaigns, partnerships, and equity deals for launches, growth, and scale.

Our core expertise is creating powerful connections that align with commercial outcomes, budgets and impact metrics.



Iconic Influencers teaches you the art and science of creating not just a business, but an EMPIRE, from your personal brand.

Our resources range from podcasts and masterclasses, to events, challenges and courses.

Discover how to become an Iconic Influencer and create your own Iconic Empire.



Don’t settle for mainstream. Elite founders, creators, experts and entrepreneurs are landing multi-million dollar deals and clients. Join the Icons. Watch Iconic Influencers’ CEO, Kathryn Porritt’s latest Masterclass: Beyond Influence now.