Case Study working with Kathryn:
 Cathy Domoney

“I’m now working on my million dollar offer, and it’s not even scaring me.”

“When you go through these processes with Kathryn and her team, you get to a point where your dedication to your mission and your message completely outshine anything else.”

“Your whole reality shifts.You start turning up in the world in a much more potent and powerful way. Working with this team, you achieve far beyond what you could have imagined possible for yourself.”

Today she’s a world-renowned parenting expert, a massively successful family empowerment expert, and the co-founder of Parenting Evolution … but Cathy Domoney hasn’t always been on top of the world. She had to put in many years of hard work and struggle to reach these tremendous heights.

Her early life was a rollercoaster of change. Born in England, she met her Zimbabwean husband at age 17, and the two of them began their family. Cathy has multiple autoimmune diseases, so she’s spent a lot of time coping with pain and recovery. After a devastating hospital stay in England, she found herself reevaluating her priorities.

“I was lying in the high dependency ward thinking, is this what I want my life to look like?” she explains “Do I want to be in the same town for the rest of my life? Do I want to be in the same area? And so that was the start of me and my husband immigrating.”

They relocated to Adelaide, Australia, where they now reside, and added a few more members to the family. Now Cathy and her husband have five neurodiverse children, and their experiences as parents have sparked huge personal growth. After completing multiple degrees in sociology, education, counseling, and psychotherapy, she has found the exact work she is meant to do: supporting families, advocating for children, and empowering parents. She did this initially through her practice as a Legacy Architect, but eventually saw that it was time to up-level.


You are the exact right parent for your children. The genius you need to spur them on toward greatness is already within you.

Cathy’s initial contact with Iconic Influencers was through online group work, which she was extremely excited to undertake. But she also felt somewhat underprepared.

“I’ve never felt fully prepared for any opportunity that’s come my way,” she says. “But I didn’t want to get to the last day of my life and realize I’d watched someone else take MY chance. I didn’t have enough money to work with Kathryn, but I went out and found it because I felt intuitively that this is where I needed to be.”

Once she had committed to the Empire group, Cathy was amazed by the level of accomplishment and skill she saw in the other group members. Despite feeling a little out of her depth, she dove into her own work with tremendous passion. And soon she felt fully supported, seen, and valued by Kathryn and everyone else in the container. As someone who had felt like an outsider for much of her life, the solidarity and encouragement she experienced in Empire were truly transformative.

“When you go through these processes with Kathryn and her team, you get to a point where your dedication to your mission and your message completely outshine anything else. Everybody you need in your life comes out of the woodwork because they’ve been waiting for you to show up powerfully so they can come to you.”

Cathy had always known that there was true genius inside of her, she just didn’t know how to package it up and sell it at the highest level. Working with the Empire group unlocked that knowledge for her.

As the work progressed and Kathryn got to know Cathy more intimately, she saw tremendous untapped potential.

Since Cathy focuses on supporting parents in raising changemakers, innovators and paradigm-disrupting leaders, Kathryn recognized that her ideas and strategies would transform our world on three levels:

  • Right now for mindful modern parents
  • In the near future for the budding prodigies they are raising
  • And in the distant future, when those amazing children become the next generation of world leaders

Seeing this, she knew she had to invest in Cathy’s work. Upleveling parenting is a revolution with the potential for infinite positive ripples … and she wanted to support that in every possible way.

So the Iconic Influencers team spent several months working with her to enhance her offerings, elevate her brand, and prepare for a spectacular launch. We worked hard on refining her offerings, honing her message, and building out her platform. Kathryn met with her to envision the empire Cathy was destined to build and begin making plans.

And together, they created and launched Parenting Evolution.

Parenting Evolution is an exclusive online network for modern parents, founded to disrupt all the harmful, counterproductive parenting information that floods our newsfeeds and clogs our bookshelves.

Cathy co-created this network with Kathryn and Iconic Influencers as part of her mission to offer her fellow parents clarity, support, and empowerment. It’s the hub where they can find the tools and advice they need to finally embrace their unique parenting genius.

The Iconic Influencers team created an online home for Parenting Evolution that reflected Cathy’s emotional depth, passion, gravitas, and ferocity. With high-contrast black-and-white images, subtle text flourishes, and rich teal accents, the website draws in the visitor and invites them to learn more about their own potential and needs as a modern parent. The copy both boldly declares Cathy’s ethos and hints at her dry humor, a juxtaposition that anchors her entire brand.

Just as her early life held its share of challenges, the road to launching Parenting Evolution had its pitfalls and setbacks. But Cathy knows that it was worth every ounce of effort that she and Kathryn poured into it.

“I won’t lie, it’s been hard at times. If you want to show up at this level, you’ve got to do the work. It’s been really important for me to embrace that.”

Now, she’s risen to the very top of her niche. She’s being invited to comment on high-profile issues in globally beloved publications, booking droves of new private clients, and stepping fully into her Iconic status. Cathy is championing a new style of parenting focused on raising incredible, visionary leaders who have the power to change the world. And she’s doing it with unshakable confidence, thanks to her work with Iconic Influencers.

“Belief in yourself is like a magnetic force. I’m working on my million dollar offer now, and it feels perfectly natural and normal,” she says. “Because when you’re working with people at this level, that’s just what happens. Imagine that for yourself.”

- Cathy Domoney

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