Case Study working with Kathryn:
  Colin Egglesfield

“With Kathryn and Iconic Influencers, I’ve learned to step into my divine greatness, and am landing $150k+ offers for it!”

“Kathryn showed me that I was limiting myself through the story I was telling myself. By stepping into who I know myself to be and the impact I want to have on the world, I was able to elevate my work exponentially.”

“After just the first pieces of us working together I’ve booked a lead role in a new movie, made a $25K offer and a $50K offer to two different clients and am being flown down to Miami to be a special guest at a magazine party.”

Having grown up in south suburban Chicago, Colin Egglesfield began acting at an early age at the Illinois Theater Center but never believed a career in the arts was in the cards for him. On a whim, after graduating from the University of Iowa with a degree in biology, he entered a model talent search before heading to medical school.

And in no time, he was cast! Colin was suddenly representing some of the top fashion brands in the world including Armani, Versace, and Ralph Lauren. He then moved to New York City where he continued to work in fashion and began to revisit his roots in acting.

It wasn’t long before he was portraying the infamous Erica Kane’s son on the long-lived daytime drama, ‘All My Children’ which soon led to roles on beloved TV shows including ‘Melrose Place’, ‘Rizzoli and Isles’ and ‘The Client List’ with Jennifer Love Hewitt. He went on to be cast in several films including the romantic comedy ‘Something Borrowed’ with Kate Hudson, ‘Open Road’ with Andy Garcia, ‘The Space Between Us’ with Gary Oldman and ‘Backtrace’ with Sylvester Stallone.

In short, Colin was doing very well for himself.

But something was missing.

He loved his work and was proud of his successes, but felt called to do more. To give back. To make an impact on the world beyond acting and performing.


We are all capable of creating profound impact in life. Sometimes it just takes a little inspiration to reconnect us to the truth within ourselves that lights the fire of possibility.

When he first got in touch with Kathryn, Colin knew that his work was a one-way street: he performed, people watched. He was ready to change that. He was eager to use his already massive and growing platform to do more. He wanted to build his legacy.

His work started with some mindset shifts. Although Colin had overcome some incredible obstacles—including two bouts with cancer and living through the attack on the World Trade Center in New York—he still compared himself to his peers.

“I’d be driving down Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, looking at all the billboards of movies and thinking, ‘I auditioned for that role!’ and ‘Man, why didn’t I Iand that one?’”

Not only that, he was working with A-listers, attending Oscar parties with the who’s-who, securing amazing roles, and still not feeling fulfilled by his incredible life. He got to the top, and wondered, “Is this it?”

He worked with Kathryn and the Iconic Influencers team to look inward, tap into his deeper purpose, and begin spreading his amazing talent across multiple rewarding endeavors. The very first thing that rose to the surface? Helping others become their very best selves. Colin knew that lifting up people around him would fill that aching hole in his soul. So he began coaching entrepreneurs.

“You may be the best at what you do, but when it comes to creating influence in the world you may struggle,” he explains. “Actors know how to create influence. It’s part of our job. So I work with entrepreneurs to become more comfortable sharing their message and purpose. I show them how to step into their greatness.”

As they refined the business model and offerings, Colin realized that he was at HIS best when he was helping his clients be THEIR best. He focused on working with them to create a new self identity rooted in authenticity and built on empowering mindset principles that they create for themselves.

And he absolutely loved doing it.

So much so that he began to build out his empire to include other offerings. Colin created an online master class called “INSPIRE” which helps people become better communicators and leaders in any area of life. Coupled with his virtual on-camera and public speaking class, “Camera Ready!” which supports people in boldly speaking their truths, he has an entire suite of empowering offerings.

“Kathryn helped me turn everything I’d done with my acting into a successful and impactful group of related endeavors. All of my work feels unified. She expanded my vision for what was possible.”

Now, by leveraging his natural ability to help people tap into their innate gifts, Colin has become a sought-after image and communication consultant and speaker. He has a YouTube interview show called Coffee with Colin, a real estate side-hustle, and a gorgeous memoir that he penned. He’s charging bold prices for great work, and changing lives.

And he STILL lands those amazing acting jobs!

“Before I worked with Iconic Influencers, the most I’d ever charged a client was $10K for a speech I gave at an insurance company. Now, I’m charging $150K for client work and filling my books. More than that, I love what I’m doing.”

- Colin E.

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