Case Study working with Kathryn:
Crystal Davis

“I closed a $400k deal in week one. To say my world has changed is the ultimate understatement! I AM SO EXCITED!”

“Finding Kathryn's work was the first time I felt understood, as someone who knows they are the best in the world and sees far beyond my current working level. It all clicked, and it was instantly the right time.”

“It really touched my heart when Kathryn said, ‘You know you’re the best, why don’t you just admit it? And we welcome arrogance here.’ I’m so used to people telling me, ‘You are insane. That’s crazy.’ Or glazing over as they say, ‘I love you, but you’re mad.’ When I met the Iconic Influencers team, it was the first time anybody said to me, ‘Why don’t you take that further?’”

Crystal Davis’s clients become the ultimate example of elite success.

This ingenious woman creates bespoke campaigns for 7 figure+ business owners, and turns their core values into certified international revolutions. She empowers her clients to step onto the world stage, leave a lasting legacy, and truly make their mark.

But here’s the twist: she does it all by focusing on world records. Yep, the Guinness Book kind!

Crystal believes that certified world records are the ultimate peak in unique, powerful brand proof that help business owners shape the future while writing their own name in the history books. Her company, Extreme Excellence World Records, designs and delivers true world records that expand the capability of humanity and its most impactful change engine: entrepreneurship.


I’m not living with regret, and I don’t want my clients to either. I want them to leave it all on the track. And I want them to have something to show for it. That’s what my whole business is about. Let’s do this now. Let’s have a historical legacy while you’re alive, so you have time to talk about it to inspire the future generations. So the vision is absolutely everything.

How was this radical branding strategy born? From Crystal’s own experience racking up a world record in endurance cycling. An experience that was born from frustration and suffering.

For the first part of her career, Crystal worked in corporate sales. Then she moved to project management, then ended up managing tech inside a tech company to the tune of $20 million per month. She felt like she was riding a wave of true success … until she was diagnosed with stage four endometriosis, which knocked her out of the corporate game. She couldn’t go back to work at all. She was in the hospital every few months having rounds of surgery so intense that, once she was finally in recovery, she couldn’t even stand up straight for several years. Oh, and the doctors told her she’d never have a baby.

That kind of experience changes you. And Crystal felt her priorities shifting as her body slowly clawed its way back to wellness.

“I was 28 at the time and started thinking ‘OK, if I’m not going to have a child, what is my legacy on this earth?’ I hadn’t really thought about having children but I damn well wanted the choice, so I was angry. I was asking myself, ‘What am I going to do about this?’”

And eventually she had this wild idea to go from a broken physical place to breaking an endurance world record with the very same body. She was not going to be defined or confined by her illness; she was going to design her own life, thank you very much.

So Crystal set out to break the world record for long distance on a bicycle rickshaw.

In 2015, she rode in a part of Australia she’d never visited, cycling from Port Douglas to Hervey Bay, Queensland, from 17 October to 12 December 2015.

And throughout her record-breaking trip, she was still building her business as an entrepreneur. She would coach clients and take calls during her short breaks from cycling.

“I’ve got all this footage of me sitting on the side of the road while trucks go past, and me talking to the media.”

Fast-forward a few years, and Crystal was starting to tire of the mainstream approach to coaching and entrepreneurship. She’d spent a decade grinding away at those strategies and knew there was something more in store for her.

“I just had this secret little feeling. It was a feeling that I know all of you will be able to relate to,” she explains. “Am I more than this? I am probably the best in the world at something, right?”

And that’s when she found Kathryn and Iconic Influencers.

Crystal applied to work with us and knocked Kathryn’s socks off with her bold, unique ideas around world records and brand positioning. As soon as she was brought into the fold of Iconic Influencers, Crystal’s creativity and motivation began to skyrocket. Although her own world record experience had been transformative, she hadn’t thought seriously about folding it into her coaching … until she began talking with the Iconic Influencers team. Soon, the pieces began to click together and she saw that she could offer something that no one else in the world could deliver: world record-focused campaigns that truly impact women’s lives, legacies, communities, and businesses.

“One of the first things we worked on was my pricing structure,” she says. “Instead of just a retainer, I created a system where I got an upfront payment, then a retainer, plus profit share. So I’m creating these campaigns that make my clients money, and the more success they have, the more success I have. The numbers are just huge, and it gets better with every client.”

Even as Crystal was just beginning to take on clients for her new business, Kathryn and her team were pushing her to think bigger.

“One of the most beautiful things about Kathryn is that she sees so much further than I can. When she said to me the other day, ‘This is a billion dollar business.’ I thought, ‘Hold the phone, she's right. Oh my god, let's do this!’”

Upleveling Crystal’s offerings also meant upleveling her imagery and branding, so the Iconic Influencers team got to work creating a look that matched her impactful and heartfelt messaging. They crafted attention-grabbing taglines, a sumptuous gold-and-blue color palette, and spectacular imagery that highlighted her uniqueness.

Her streamlined, elegant, and evocative website is a perfect example of the work that was born of this process. It’s modern and direct, but also inspirational and alluring, drawing in potential clients who are hungry to know more about working with Crystal.

“I am the world’s only bespoke world record designer. My mission is to write women entrepreneurs and their missions into the history books. Not talking about it, not taking 10 years to hit a goal, but doing it in one massive hit. I believe if you have a vision for something that is beyond what anybody has ever done before, excellence is excellence.

World records have such an enormous impact for entrepreneurs, but until I came along no one was meeting that need. Nobody’s ever done or designed the kinds of things I think about. Kathryn helped me to see that.”

Now, with her spectacular brand created and magical world built, Crystal is eager to push her own limits once again. With the clarity and encouragement she received from Iconic Influencers, she is building out massive goals and envisioning an exciting, prosperous, and endlessly fun future for herself.

“There’s no reason why I can’t land these deals,” she says with complete confidence. “So I’m really excited to be pitching even bigger.”

“Because of this work, I know I can easily sell at the million dollar level. Absolutely no doubt about it.”

- Crystal Davis

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