Case Study working with Kathryn:
Ella Magers

“When I found Iconic Influencers, I thought, ‘This is DIFFERENT. This is it. This feels right.’”

“On our very first call, Kathryn told me, ‘You get to be YOU.’ And that was so empowering and exciting.”

“I had done all the research. I knew everything that was out there in terms of business and branding coaching. For a long time I’d felt like there was a ceiling to my success, and when I found the Iconic Influencers messaging I could just see that ceiling dissolving.”

With more than a decade of experience as a speaker, wellness authority, and coach, Ella Magers had built quite a following.

Through her company, Sexy Fit Vegan, she had tens of thousands of fans, listeners, and readers, and had established herself as a whip-smart and deeply trustworthy source of information and commentary on fitness, mindset management, and plant-based living. An animal lover since birth and a dedicated vegan since the age of 7, she was on a mission to transform the culture of the vegan movement from the inside out and shift our culture’s ideas around fitness and wellness. Ella had a popular group coaching program, profits were rolling in, and she was doing her best to make the mainstream model work for her … but she was exhausted.

“I was doing my own breakthrough calls, and it got to a point where I felt burned out,” she says.

“I had tried to train salespeople, tried to make my business scalable so I could take a step back and focus on the big picture. But it wasn’t working, and I felt trapped. Everything was dependent on me being there, doing the work, enrolling people myself.”

She’d even tried a membership model to see if that might relieve some of the pressure, but it didn’t. She just couldn’t see her current structure and offerings leading her toward the boundless success she imagined for herself. She’d worked with dozens of business coaches, and discovered they were all telling her the same things.

She needed something new. Radically new.


Eating a plant-based diet filled with a variety of vegetables, fruit, seeds, nuts, and legumes can help to prevent all kinds of diseases and health conditions. It is even recommended for people suffering from cancer to adopt a strict vegan diet consisting of tons of raw whole foods. It’s never too late to start your dietary make-over.

Ella came to Iconic Influencers because she knew that working with us would allow her to do things on HER terms, to put her message out into the world in a way that felt fully authentic to her. Our mission and messaging resonated strongly with her, and she felt like she’d finally found the strategic partners she needed to up-level her already successful business.

“I’d been feeling so restricted by what I was doing, by all those mainstream marketing processes I had learned,” she explains. “But when I saw Icons, and this new way of looking at business, I felt those restrictions start to dissolve. I knew it was what I needed.”

Ella began to work with Kathryn and although they were very much on the same wavelength, it took some experimentation to determine what route Ella should take next. She was somewhat reluctant to let go of all the work she’d poured into her business, so at first she tried to create a hybrid model of her older mainstream offerings and the new Iconic offers she was crafting with Kathryn. It wasn’t working, but they kept trying and tinkering and testing different combinations … until Kathryn saw exactly what needed to be done.

“She said, ‘What would you think about partnering? Do you want to do this together?’ And it was the happiest day of my life. Everything I’d done and tried, all the advice and coaching I’d gotten … all of that was the journey I needed to take to prepare me for the magic of partnering with Kathryn.”

Kathryn believed so strongly in Ella’s message and mission that she wanted to use the full power of her business acumen to support the revolution Ella was poised to lead. She recognized that together, the two of them could become unstoppably powerful. They could move more of the planet toward a plant-based lifestyle.

However, Kathryn recognized that veganism was incredibly polarizing and putting that messaging forward first might not allow Ella to get the groundswell of support that she needed. Ella herself was comfortable advocating for animal rights and safety, but also recognized that she needed to position herself to have maximum impact. She wanted to be strategic and put everything else aside.

So the two of them discussed and dreamed and explored together. They considered how they could reach and influence the absolute top of the market so Ella’s philosophy of plant-based wellness could filter downward. By leveraging Ella’s decades of intense study, as well as her insights into personal and professional growth, they designed a comprehensive 22 Day Transformation System that completely reboots your life and health, allowing you the energy, clarity and drive to continue conquering the world.

They named it 22Reboot.

The program is designed to help entrepreneurs and high-achievers identify and reprogram their unhelpful, unhealthy habits; detox from harmful animal products, ridding their bodies of the antibiotics, stress hormones, pesticides, and other dangerous toxins they contain; and uplevel their productivity and performance beyond what they ever thought possible.

And it’s been a runaway success, changing lives across the globe since the moment it launched!

“You can replicate your business success. You can start fresh with new relationships. You can create something from the ashes of failure and missed opportunities - been there, done that. YOU, your body, your health? Once that starts to deteriorate, that’s it. There are no second chances. There is no Plan B body. Without your health, you have nothing.”

The Iconic Influencers team worked behind the scenes to create a look and feel for 22Reboot that reflected Ella’s strength, compassion, and determination.

The landing page and funnel featured spectacular images of Ella practicing Muay Thai kickboxing—one of her passions—and leveraged her established authority to draw in the reader. Unlike a mainstream approach which would lean heavily on the prospective client’s pain points, our team acknowledged the pain and then focused on expanding the vision for a better life. A moody palette of dark greens, grays, and golds perfectly evoke both luxury and a focus on the natural world, greenery, and plant-based choices.

Already, Ella and Kathryn are working to leverage the impact of 22Reboot to reach more people and change more lives. The next phase is called 99Thrive, and will be a yearly premium membership that includes a more comprehensive version of the concepts explored in 22Reboot. They’ll also be launching a podcast where Ella interviews the wellness experts whose work she loves and devours, and asks them to offer insights into building longevity and the creation of healthy habits. This strategic move ensures that 99Thrive isn’t all on Ella’s shoulders; she’ll be at the head of the empire, but will also leverage the expertise of global thought leaders.

Throughout this collaboration, Ella and Kathryn have worked together in perfect harmony. They both own their areas of expertise—wellness, fitness, and nutrition for Ella, business strategy and marketing for Kathryn—and never attempt to meddle in each others’ work.

“Coming into this partnership, I have such a strong sense of trust and respect,” Ella says. “I know that Kathryn is coming from a completely genuine place, and has extreme experience and knowledge that she’ll leverage for our shared success.”

Kathryn chose to bet on Ella because her brilliance is undeniable, and she’s destined for Iconic greatness. She is on a mission to radically change lives across the globe, and the whole Iconic Influencers team is honored to support that revolution.

“I know that Kathryn is coming from a completely genuine place, and has extreme experience and knowledge that she’ll leverage for our shared success.”

- Ella Magers

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