Case Study working with Kathryn:

“Kathryn helped me leave behind the small, cramped place where I was operating, and step into a place of infinite possibilities and massive power.”

“Kathryn is genuinely one of the dearest people to me in the whole world. Anyone who has the opportunity to have her on their team, take it. Your life will change so much. That is the truth. Period.”

“There is NO one else in the world who has EVER seen me and held space for me to transform with the potency, love, space and wisdom that Kathryn brings. When you have the good fortune of having Kathryn and her team on your side, all your dreams come true… times a godzillion (and that’s a big number!)’”

The luminous Liz Benny knew from childhood she was born to make a difference.

She grew up on a farm in New Zealand—the only girl in her family—and felt destined for something big. So she set herself on a path to entrepreneurial success, and hustled her way to millionaire status. She created a social media agency, conquered the internet marketing world, and then dove into doing something 100% heart-driven: Helping people live happier, more abundant lives.

“I knew my calling in life when I read a book called Being Happy by Andrew Matthews,” she says. “And I thought to myself, ‘All I want to do for the rest of my life is to help people be happy. That’s it.’ I really started to step into that. Unfortunately, the entrepreneur game f*cked me up along the journey.”

Liz was speaking on huge stages, endorsed by some of the biggest names in the coaching and digital industries, making enormous profits. But the hustle and grind, the endless launch cycles, the relentless pressure nearly snuffed out Liz’s light. The constant jail of senseless tasks she hated. The inescapable exhaustion. Becoming someone she felt completely detached from … she’d achieved phenomenal success in the mainstream market, but at the cost of her own health and well-being.

wisdom from Liz

One day people will realize they don’t have to sacrifice happiness on their wealth journey. I hope they realize before it’s too late. I’ve seen my fair share of miserable millionaires and I’m on a mission to make the world a MUCH happier place.

She began to see that she was being drained by sharing her energy and vision with so many people at once. She knew she absolutely could NOT do that for the rest of her life.

“Being in the mainstream was about me forgetting my inner knowing. I was trying to fit myself into the box of what I ‘should’ do.”

Liz was ready to make her legacy play … she just didn’t know how to go about it.

So she came to Kathryn feeling drained and raw, looking for guidance. She knew she could trust Kathryn, but she was also scared of the work that lay ahead of her. Together, they unpacked everything she’d been through and began to sketch out how she could continue down the road of success and wealth while leaving behind the stress.

First to go? The stretched-thin, one-to-many mainstream approach.

“Kathryn helped me walk out of the ‘should’ and leave behind the smallness of where I was operating, and into a place of infinite possibilities and massive power.”

Their collaboration helped Liz reconnect with herself, her mission, and the work she truly wanted to do in the world. She homed in on the types of clients she wanted to attract, and Kathryn’s team helped her formulate strategies to magnetize them to her. By digging deep with the Iconic Influencers team, Liz remembered that she didn’t need to be controlled by what other people thought about her, and that her truest power was being her loud, unfiltered, refreshingly authentic self. No matter what.

And that made all the difference.

The work Liz did with the Iconic Influencers team inspired her to radically shift her personal brand in a new direction, which she was able to create herself so perfectly with her extensive experience in brand and digital. Her welcoming new website is a perfect example of the work that was born of this process. It’s modern and cleanly designed, but also inspirational and alluring, drawing in potential clients who are eager to know more about what Liz stands for.

While at an intensive with Kathryn, Kathryn grabbed the camera and started snapping photos of Liz, capturing her energy and essence just as her new extraordinary brand was coming to life. These photos show the true depth of Liz’s passion and showcase her irrepressible joy, giving her gorgeous and authentic images she now uses to market her services at the absolute highest level.

Now, she’s redefining success for the world’s highest achievers. She uses ALL of her substantial gifts to help her clients get the full spectrum of breakthroughs required to live fulfilling, prosperous, truly happy lives. She is personally responsible for a monumental shift in the lives of millions including the reduction of divorce, improvement in life-expectancy, and extraordinary uplift in the global joy index.

“When the dust finally settled, I dedicated myself to finding success and building wealth without the madness. I found it. And I’m living it out right now: My life is overflowing with bliss. Every day is absolutely freaking amazing AND I’m still enjoying a thriving business.”

With help from Kathryn and Iconic Influencers, Liz Benny has finally learned how to do her world-changing work without draining herself dry. She shows her elite clients how to impact lives globally WHILE making 7 figures AND absolutely loving their lives.

And she absolutely adores the life she’s living herself.

“Transitioning from where I was to where I am now—which is the most powerful I’ve ever been, and getting more powerful every day—meant doing deep work with myself and with Kathryn. I needed to do external and internal work, none of which was easy, but it was the best journey I’d ever taken.”

— Liz. Benny

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