Case Study working with Kathryn:
Ryll Burgin-Doyle

“We Now Have A Family Office With Revenues Climbing To $50m. That’s A Long Way From The $20k We Were Charging Before Working With Kathryn.”

“If you know where you want to go, but not how to get there … work with Kathryn.”

No one understands the grit and tenacity required to build multi-million dollar businesses quite like Ryll Burgin-Doyle.

This gifted fractional CEO, consultant, and investor has spent the last three decades growing enterprises of all shapes and sizes—from startups to massive corporations—beyond the earnings and impact they ever dreamed were possible. She’s increased her clients’ sales and profits by 300%, raised millions in capital for unicorn startups, and won dozens of achievement awards … but she’s also had her share of painful setbacks.

“It hasn’t always been a smooth ride,” she explains. “After facing some challenges in the middle of my career that were devastating yet eye-opening, I dove deep to explore what is the difference that makes THE difference. Through these learning experiences, I have become a more valuable asset to entrepreneurs and business owners around the world.”

This is precisely what makes Ryll so brilliant at catalyzing massive, game-changing business growth: she understands. She has won and lost, ridden the waves of unpredictability, and meticulously puzzled out how to boost brilliant businesses into the realm of exponential success.


Your business is a reflection of you – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Everything that is great about you will show up in your business. It’s critical to understand who you really are and how you want your business to reflect important aspects of you as a person.

I tell all of my clients this. And in working with Kathryn, I discovered that it’s true for me as well.

Ryll has been a client of Iconic Influencers for several years running, and during that time we’ve helped her hone her offerings, uplevel her messaging, and refine her business model. When she first connected with Kathryn, she had been the CEO of a $100 million company, juggled multiple enterprises along with private consulting … and then watched it all unravel when the COVID pandemic hit.

Always looking for ways to be of service to others, Ryll realized that businesses everywhere were panicking and losing ground and that she could help them weather the storm. She also recognized that she could help more people and more businesses if she told the world about her deep expertise and transformative services.

“I had been something of a hidden resource for years,” says Ryll. “Only people who were referred to me knew about me, and that’s when I started working with Kathryn. At the time, it was a really big leap because I was managing turmoil in my own businesses, but it was absolutely the right decision.”

“What Kathryn does with her clients is become their advocate. She talks to business owners—people who have taken all the risks and done all the hard work—about creating their ideal lives. She sees it as her job to partner with her clients to bring those ideal lives into reality. And that’s exactly what she did with me.”

With support from Iconic Influencers, Ryll got crystal clear on how to position herself, speak to her ideal clients, and own her excellence.

And it’s made a colossal difference in her business.

“Kathryn and her team did a great job of creating a brand for me that reflected who I am, what I can do, and what I stand for. It captures my authenticity, my straightforwardness, and the quality of my work. Now, I have absolutely zero hesitation in owning that brand because it is a true reflection of me.”

Part of what Ryll had been struggling to capture with her branding was the depth and breadth of her expertise. From launching her first business at just 23 years old to being a franchisor with the 11th fastest growing franchise in Australia at the time, her resume was filled to the brim with diverse experiences and successes. But she wasn’t sure how to reflect that to potential clients. Especially since humility is one of her core values.

“I told Kathryn, ‘I really want you to create my brand … but I CANNOT look like a wanker.’”

Challenge: accepted

The Iconic Influencers team built Ryll’s brand around power and boldness, but with an undercurrent of empathy and profound intelligence. High-contrast colors, evocative photography, and engaging copy reflect her impact and ambition, which resonate with her ideal clients: high-achievers, visionary leaders, and growth-seekers. To get the right tone and impact, the team shied away from pithy catchphrases and ornate logos in favor of clear descriptions, clean lines, and a visual palette that captures Ryll’s straight-shooter personality.

“Having done this work, I’m now really clear on the importance of creating a financial legacy for myself and my family. Generational wealth that I can pass on to my children and making a real difference. This process has enabled that. It’s helped me make my vision real: working with high-end clients, taking equity positions in businesses that I love, and growing them as a part-owner … and that’s now happening for me.”

Kathryn also worked with Ryll on revising her offerings and pricing.

“We sat down to look at the value I bring and the difference I make so we could decide how I should set my pricing. When Kathryn heard my fee structure, she said, “Oh no, you’re not doing that for any less than $25K. And for clients working with you on the back end, more like $250K.’ And I said, ‘What?!?’ I was not in a place where I could confidently demand fees at that level. But that conversation brought a shift in my belief in myself. The work we did afterward transformed how I thought about my value, and how that value needed to be reflected in my fees.”

Ryll plans to spend the next 10 years doing work she loves with clients she respects and earning at the highest level. Then it’ll be early retirement, investing in high-impact businesses on the side … and hopefully sipping cocktails on the deck of her yet-to-be-purchased super-yacht!

“If you’re terrified of taking the leap to work with Kathryn, just do it. You’ll figure it out, and it will be totally worth it.”

“My original dream was to have a Family Office. This is now a reality. We just closed a $40M deal. That’s a long way from the $20K we were charging before working with Kathryn.”

— Ryll Burgin-Doyle

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