How a Business Owner Scaled Back and Made More (And the Six Tips for Starting from the Top When Creating Your Offers)

Sam Parker had a very distinct vision in mind when she created The Girl Squad.

She wanted to craft really cool events for women while creating an amazing group of like-minded people. Her goal in life is to help women become their own girl crush. What that means is that she aims for her clients to love themselves and have complete belief in what they do. For her, it’s about helping clients understand how amazing they truly are.

But at first, she struggled to turn that vision into the amazing thing that it would become. As Sam put it:

“I’ve worked with other people, I’ve gone through a lot of things. Sometimes you pay people money and they disappear.”

She needed to work with somebody she could trust and who could give her results.

And that’s where Iconic Influencers came in.

We were the first mentors to tell Sam that she could run her business exactly the way she wanted. She’d spent so much time building a business that she hated because she did it the way others told her to. But with us, she discovered that she could do it her way and access premium clients as long as she had the right strategy.

Scaling back was a key part of this strategy.

Sam stripped out many of the smaller offers that made her business complex and forced her to work with low-end clients. She replaced those offers with a premium $100k offer and made a huge discovery…

Simplifying her offer led to her making more money.

She positioned herself at the top of her niche with her offer and started attracting premium partners. And now, Sam has a business that she loves because it aligns perfectly with her vision.

But what about you?

Right now, you may have a business that you hate, just like Sam did. Or, you’re just starting out and don’t believe that you can make premium offers.

With these tips, you’ll learn how to create your $100k offer regardless of where you’re starting from.

Tip #1 – Stop Listening to the “Gurus” Who Tell You to Start Small

Starting by serving at the highest level possible sounds counterintuitive. There are so many gurus out there who tell you not to do it. They say you should start instead with one-on-one work, do webinars, or use Facebook Live to attract low-tier clients. Those clients become the foundation of your business. Once you have that, you can focus on moving up the tiers until you’re ready to make a premium offer. It sounds like it makes sense. But the reality is that you want to start with Premium. These mid and low-tier offers come in at the very end – once you’ve built your tribe of people. The goal here isn’t to build a passive income at the start and then work up to premium. That’s thinking too small and also a recipe for burning yourself out. Plus, you’re encouraging the people who work with you to keep thinking small, too. It’s going to be very hard to move someone from low-ticket to Premium when they’re used to paying a low-ticket price.

So, stop listening to people who tell you to start small. As Sam learned, you need to build the business that you want. Think big and create an offer that achieves the highest level of transformation for somebody.

Tip #2 – Don’t Take Them to the Moon (Go to Mars Instead)

Imagine that you’re working in the Imagineering Department at Disney. You have somebody standing in front of you with $100,000 and a brief to do whatever you want with the money. You’re going to have to think big for that person because they’re paying a premium for your work. That’s the whole idea behind your premium offer.You’re not looking to take people to the moon. Instead, you’re looking to shoot right past the moon and take them to Mars instead. A premium offer is one that delivers such amazing value and results that it’s worth every penny of the $100,000. Figure out how you can take clients to Mars. How can you wow them with such amazing service that your premium offer makes sense? What do you need to deliver to make your grand vision a reality? Think big and create the offer that makes sense for a premium client.

Tip #3 – It’s All About Marketing and Positioning

Just about any industry in any vertical can create something at the premium level. The key to making that offer successfully lies in marketing. It relies on you having the right message, the right positioning, and the right sales methodology. Understand that you’re not trying to convert hundreds of people per year with this offer. You’re positioning it so that you convert 6-10 people per year, perhaps 20 later on. Of the 7 billion+ people on this planet, you can surely find 10 who are willing to go on a journey of transformation with you. And those 10 people amount to $1 million of revenue if you’re making a $100k offer. That goes up to $10m if you’re selling at the million-dollar offer level. Stop thinking about needing a million people and start thinking about how you can deeply transform a small subset of people. That’s the position that you need to put yourself in.

Your marketing needs to reflect this selectivity through exclusivity and rarity. Make it clear that you’re not here to serve everybody. You’re here to create a premium result for a very specific client.

Tip #4 – Link Arms with Your People

Your premium offer needs to become the centerpiece of your business. You’re going to create something that’s longer-lasting and more powerful for your people. Why? Your people want to link arms with you. They want continuity and somebody that they can rely on to deliver amazing results for them. For example, let’s say you decide to work with Iconic Influencers to get your business off the ground. We’ll work together to create your offer stack and do your publicity, too. Would you want to know that I’m going to link arms with you in the longer term? You want to be assured that we’re going to work together for at least 12 months. Not only that, but you also want to know that I’ll understand your strategy and speak your language. And you want my team to get to know you incredibly well so we can get aligned on achieving your goals. That’s what it means to link arms with your people. You’re offering commitment and a relationship that you’re going to nurture over the long term. That’s what premium clients want. They’re not interested in people who offer a service that doesn’t take them into account. They want to link arms with you and see that you’re committed to getting them results.

Tip #5 – Make Something That You’re Selling Now Even Bigger

The ultimate goal is to create an offer that has longevity and continuity over the long term. Interestingly, you may find the foundation of that offer in what you’re selling right now. For example, you may have a program that you’re selling for $8,000. Examine that program and ask yourself what you can do to make it bigger. How can you give it more continuity and allow people to stay with you for a longer time? The joy of this is that you still get the rapid transformation that the smaller package offers. But now, that transformation’s built into something that creates a much larger one over time. Instead of being the end of the offer, that initial transformation is the first step towards something even greater. For example, let’s say that your $8,000 package is for an 8-week course. That could become a 12-month Mastermind. The transformation achieved after eight weeks places the client in a position to achieve further transformation over the course of 12 months. That transformation becomes the starting point for a premium offer that creates a much greater impact. The point is that you don’t need to get rid of what you already have. You can build your smaller offers out into something that creates an even greater transformation for your clients.

Think Big

Ultimately, this all comes down to your mindset. So many people train you to think that we need to start small to get anywhere. You “need” to get those small passive income streams and you “need” to start at the bottom to build yourself up. But that isn’t the case at all. You offer amazing value and can create true transformation for your clients. Think big and create an offer that encompasses everything. Link arms with your clients and show them that you’re in it for the long haul. Do all that while scaling back in your business. That’s what Sam did when she created her premium offer. And now, she serves far fewer clients while making more money than she did before. Maybe you need a little help. That’s where Iconic Influencers comes in. To discover if we can help you put this into practice, watch our latest Masterclass today.

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