How an Acupuncture Doctor Went from $180 a Session to Selling Two $120k Offers in 24 Hours (And Five Tips for Building Your Premium Offer System)

Sam Fielding has achieved an amazing transformation in her business. And now I can share the tips for creating a premium model like hers that nets you $100k+ clients.

Sam Fielding was an overachiever long before she started working as a practitioner of acupuncture. She says she came into the profession in a roundabout way, being an academic and a highly-skilled athlete.

Not only that, but she also has an enduring passion for horses. She rode horses growing up and she knew it’s something she always wanted in her life. And no matter where she travelled or how many career changes she underwent, this passion continued burning brightly.

It was this passion for the sport that helped her to carve out her niche in her profession.

Her specialty lies in connecting riders with their horses, predominantly women who share the same passion for horses. She aligns the rider’s energy to allow for extraordinary riding. But beyond this, the work that she does also benefits the rider in every other aspect of their lives.

It’s no wonder Sam is a world-class energy healer who’s at the top of her profession.

But as someone who is uniquely gifted at what she does, she knew that she was worth more than she was currently charging.

With a rate of just $180 per session, Sam eventually hit the ceiling. There were only so many hours that she could work in a day, which meant she could only earn so much from her sessions.

She needed to create a new offer.

And that offer needed to be for something with a premium value that smashed through the ceiling she kept hitting.

That’s where Iconic Influencers came in.

With our help, Sam learned how to structure and market a $100k offer. And she became such an expert that she managed to sell two $120k offers in just 24 hours.

That’s a massive achievement!

Today, she’s able to model her business around her ideal lifestyle – driving revenue by working less. She only has a handful of premium and ultra-premium clients that she serves at a very deep level. This allows her the freedom to scale her business whenever she wants.

And at the same time, she can now focus on continuing to develop her craft and live the lifestyle that she wants to lead.

So…how did she do it?

These are the tips that you need to know for building and marketing your own $100k+ offer.

Tip #1 – Start with Organic Marketing

Would you believe Sam achieved her amazing results without spending a penny on marketing?Plenty of people waste money on Facebook and Google ads when they’re just starting with a premium offer. The logic makes sense. You have this new offer, so you want to get it in front of as many people as possible.But there’s a problem.If the message isn’t on point, the ads aren’t going to work. And you need some time to hone your message before you start spending money on ads.That’s why it’s important to start with organic marketing. Do some video work and use them to talk to very specific people in your niche. Start by curating a list of potential clients and learn about them and their needs. Then, use your videos to reach out to them in a strategic way.Speaking engagements are also another good form of organic marketing. They essentially only cost you your time and they’re a chance for you to really get the message out there.And most importantly, leverage your network as much as you can. Reach out to people that you’ve already warmed up and talk to them about your offer. Those conversations will help you figure out the ideal message that you need to put out there.It’s only once you’ve nailed the message that you should start looking into any sort of paid advertising.

Tip #2 – Focus on the Things That Move the Needle

You’ve got to nail down your focus when building your premium offer system. That means only working on activities that move the needle.This is where we come back to the organic marketing that we talked about earlier. An organic strategy gets you more premium clients for less of an outlay. While your number one priority is to get clients, you only need a select few that fit the bill. This is why we talk so much about intentional marketing. The idea behind intentional marketing is that you don’t need 1 million leads to make your business work. Instead of marketing to the many, you intentionally target a very specific sector of people within your niche. Go deep on these selected few and learn as much about them as possible. This allows you to create marketing materials that speak directly to them.

Tip #3 – Perfect Your Messaging and Offer

We touched on this earlier when we talked about networking as a form of organic marketing. Having more and more conversations is how you’ll perfect your messaging.But it’s not enough to strike a conversation. The ultimate goal here is to listen to your market. Talk to the people that you want to target to find out what their key challenges are. Dig deeper into those challenges to discover why they exist and what you can do to solve them. From there, leverage this deeper understanding of your market to craft a message that speaks to that market. But the question is, how do you find out what your ideal client wants? Strategy plays a key role here. Place yourself in networks where you know your ideal client hangs out. Speak their language. Listen to the questions they ask and find out their deepest desires. That’s what you’ll use to craft the perfect offer and position yourself effectively.

Tip #4 – Abandon What Isn’t Productive

This was a big one for Sam during her journey towards creating her premium offer. She created a mental timeline for herself when she joined us. And she gave herself a limited amount of time to get some results and prove to herself that this could work. But to make that timeline work, she needed to get hyper-focused on the activities that would move the needle. That meant taking the ax to a lot of work that she did herself at that time. And as she puts it:“So I had to abandon anything that I felt was not productive. And I realized that [unfocused] work was really just a distraction.” With the distractions out of the way, she got to focus on the work that brought value to her business. For example, she focused on learning and tweaking the scripts she received from Iconic Influencers. This meant she could go into conversations fully prepared to move clients through her funnel. Ask yourself what you’re doing today that isn’t producing results. Maybe you’re bogged down in a ton of admin work that you could delegate to somebody else. Or, you might be spending all of your time dealing with emails and other small tasks that don’t directly generate results. Abandon what isn’t productive and home in on the stuff that helps you get your premium offer out there.

Tip #5 – Bring Support In (When You’re Ready)

Eventually, you’ll need support when it comes to the more trivial tasks. Delegating them will allow you to focus on the important stuff, such as building your premium offer. But the real question is when you should bring one on board.You already know that a VA or EA typically does administrative tasks, like bookkeeping, managing your files, taking payments for you, and so many others. You can even assign an EA to send out contracts to new clients or any independent contractors that you hire. Doing these tasks yourself will take up a lot of your time that you could have spent on creating and marketing your premium offer. And the fact is, these are tasks that don’t necessarily move the needle. However, they need to get done to keep the business running smoothly. When these types of tasks start to get on top of you, that’s when you’ll need to bring a VA or EA on board. They’ll take a little bit of the pressure off you because your assistant will take care of the tasks you want to get off your plate as soon as possible.It’s also a good idea to bring them in once you have your systems in place. Once you establish your IMS strategy, for example, train them to take over the outreach. Let them take over instead of having to do all the work. You have a business to run and scale. And you’ll never get it done if you do everything yourself.


It’s All in the Setup

You’ll notice that a lot of these tips focus on preparing your business. You need to master your messaging through organic marketing and conversations. And there’s no point even thinking about paid ads until you’ve honed your message to the point that it actually produces results. You’ve also got to be mindful about your time. The idea that less is more also applies here. Working less on the administrative side of your business means you’ll have more time spent on tasks that actually move the needle. Learn to delegate, because you can’t do it all alone. You need to focus on building your premium offer and marketing it to your ideal clients. Because getting even a handful of these high-level, hard-to-get clients on board with you will give you far greater results than working with hundreds of low-level clients. Remember, the goal is to get a higher revenue by working less. That’s what Sam did, and she achieved amazing results. Now, it’s your turn. If you’re ready to start making $100k+ offers, we’re here to help. Watch our latest Masterclass today to get started.

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