How to Create a True Impact for Clients (That Justifies Your $100k Offer)

LA Wedding Planner of the Year 4 x over, Kristeen worked with another coach before coming to Iconic Influencers. And she described it as a completely different experience. That’s because this coach didn’t have a true understanding of her business or what she offered. As a result, the coach’s advice took her further away from the business she wanted to create.

With us, she began to correct her course. As Kristeen explained:

“I felt Kathryn really got to know who I was and got to know my strengths and my weaknesses. She also understood what I really wanted to do in the future, as well as my fears.”

That deep level of understanding allowed us to help Kristeen so that her business could do much more.

But before that could happen, we needed to help her see that she made an impact that’s worthy of a premium offer. And that involved overcoming the beliefs that even her friends and family instilled in her about her offer:

“I had friends in the industry. I had family who were saying I’d already tried to raise my rates in the past. Why would you do that when you know that you can consistently book $5,000 to $7,000 weddings?”

What these people failed to understand is just how much of an impact Kristeen has with her service.

Today, she feels completely justified in making premium offers. And now, she only works on five or six weddings per year. This means that she has more time to travel and enjoy her life with her family.

Are you in that position?

Or are you struggling to see how the value you provide translates into a premium offer?

Tip #1 – Intentionally Choose the People You Support

At Iconic Influencers, we often talk about the concept of intentional marketing. This means that you stop taking a scattershot approach in which you target as large an audience as possible. Instead, you decide on the exact type of person you want to support with your service. And once that decision is made, you go out and find that person. You research them as much as possible and position your offer as the solution to the specific challenges that they have. This is a crucial part of working with people on the premium level. Understand that you’re more than a service provider to this type of client. You’re somebody whom they build a relationship with and look to for support with whatever challenges they face. There’s a level of intimacy involved that you don’t create when targeting a wider audience. That means you have to commit to that relationship.But to do that, you need to intentionally choose the people that you want to support. After all, if you’re working with the wrong people, you won’t feel as motivated to forge valuable relationships.

Tip #2 – It’s About Confidence (Not Arrogance)

It may seem somewhat arrogant to make a $100k+ offer when you haven’t made one before. Your mind may start telling you that you’re not in a position to do it. But it’s not about arrogance. Making a premium offer is all about having confidence in what you bring to the table. It’s about knowing that you’re able to achieve a level of transformation that justifies the offer. You are incredibly good at what you do. The goal is to distill that down into a service around which you can build a business. Think about it like this.If you’re able to help a client achieve a transformation that’s worth the premium price you charged, there’s no arrogance involved. You’re simply charging what you’re worth for the value that you bring into the client’s life.

Tip #3 – Expand Your Vision

Kristeen opened the door to making premium offers when she expanded her vision. She escaped the limitations that her previous coach and others in the industry placed on her. Instead, she saw that she offered amazing value that was worth a lot more than she charged for it. Expanding our clients’ visions is a large part of what we do at Iconic Influencers. You need to understand that you’re incredibly good at what you do. If you weren’t, you wouldn’t have the clients that you have right now. But deep down, you have this feeling that you could charge at a higher level. Plus, you feel capped at the level you’re at right now and know that you can’t go higher if you keep your prices the same. Your vision for your business needs to change. Instead of seeing it as a high-volume and low-ticket business, look towards the premium niche. Think about how you can create an offer that appeals to a level of clients who’ll pay what you deserve for your expertise.If you’re truly gifted at what you do, there’s nothing to stop you from starting at the highest level.

Tip #4 – You Don’t Need a Massive Offer

One of the biggest misconceptions about premium offers is that they need to be massive. They need to cover every aspect of what you do to make them worth a client’s time. That isn’t the case at all. Generally speaking, a premium offer is a bespoke one. It’s something that you intentionally put together to serve the needs of a specific client. And the odds are that none of your clients need access to every scrap of your expertise. They need access to the expertise that helps them to achieve the outcome that they want. Your offer doesn’t need to include everything. In fact, trying to fit everything in can make the offer confusing and overwhelming. Instead, hone in on the challenges that a specific prospect has and position your offer based on the solutions that you provide.


Tip #5 – Focus on the Experience (As Well as the Outcome)

Of course, the outcome that you create is of critical importance. However, it’s not the only point of focus when you’re selling at a premium level.Many of my clients come to me when selling between the $5,000 and $15,000 level. And most say that they’ve learned that it’s all about creating a rapid transformation for somebody in 8 or 12 weeks. That’s a great skill to have in your locker. However, a premium client wants something more long-term. They want somebody who’s going to link arms with them and create an extraordinary experience. In fact, it’s often at the point of achieving the short-term transformation that many business owners struggle. The point here is that you need to offer more than a short-term outcome. Your premium offer is all about taking your client on a journey. It’s about developing a deep partnership and creating long-term and sustainable transformation.

Tip #6 – Get Out of Your Own Wallet

Let’s assume that you want to sell a $500,000 offer.

You’ve never invested in an offer at that level yourself. As a result, you believe that $500,000 is an extraordinary amount of money for someone to invest in you.

This is when you start to experience a mindset problem. You start asking yourself why someone would invest that much in you when you don’t even have that much to invest.

The problem here is that you’re inside your own wallet instead of that of your ideal client.

In other words, you’re looking at that $500,000 as though it’s something that you need to spend. But remember, you’re not selling to yourself. Your ideal client is somebody for whom $500,000 is not a big deal. They have a different perception around that sum of money.

The key here is to get into the mind and wallet of that ideal client.

Find the person who has an extraordinary pain point and the money needed to afford your premium service. Show them how you can transform them and help them achieve their deepest desire.

That’s the value that they’re looking for. And they’ll gladly pay a premium to get it.

Make Your Impact

You’re already able to make the impact that justifies your premium offer. The challenge you face is likely that you don’t see how to do it just yet. That’s where Kristeen was before she came to Iconic Influencers. It’s with our help that she expanded her vision and saw the true value in what she does.Now, it’s time for you to do the same. Using these tips, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of how to create your premium offer. But you may still need some guidance to help you to establish your vision and find your audience.That’s where we come in. Watch our latest Masterclass to start working on the offer that you know you’re capable of selling.

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