How To Step Into Your Inner Icon

We believe deeply in the power of accessing your inner Icon —the version of yourself who’s most in touch with her brilliance, who owns her status as an elite expert, who relishes the life-changing wealth that comes with it.

When we talk about owning your Icon, inevitably we’ll hear “Yes, yes. But how?”

We go a lot deeper into this in our masterclass Beyond Influence, but let’s get you started with the basics.

How To Step Into Your Inner Icon

1. Unlearn the patterns that are holding you back

Where are you holding yourself back? What limiting beliefs have you inadvertently internalized?

These patterns show up differently for different people, but they might look like:

  • Making assumptions about how much your audience will pay
  • Bootstrapping your branding or copy so it doesn’t reflect the extraordinary caliber of your work
  • Trying to do everything yourself so you don’t have the time or energy to work in your zone of genius
  • Assuming you have to charge the same as everyone else in your niche
  • Undercharging your services to “win” more clients
  • Hiding in busy work, social media posts, replying to emails, rather than doing the big, scary things that will move the needle

When you break these patterns, you skyrocket your income. You free up your time. You increase your impact. You get one step closer to becoming the Icon we know you are meant to be.

2. Stop listening to advisors and reps from the mainstream

Now is the time to unsubscribe and unfollow those social media experts, mainstream business coaches, and business-as-usual strategists. If their advice worked, you wouldn’t be here, searching for something else.

This is your permission to unsubscribe from those newsletters, unfollow those Instagram accounts, remove yourself from that Facebook group, and put down your copy of Lean In.

In fact, don’t just lean in. Lean all the way out and listen to your inner Icon.

Free up your time and your mind for next-level Iconic thinking.

3. Learn how to tap into the genius that is already within you

Once you’ve cleansed your life and mind of mainstream B.S., tap into the Iconic brilliance that’s already inside you.

What if you revisited that “unrealistic” idea you were really excited about?

What if you experimented with that offering no one in your niche has ever tried?

What if you wrote and spoke about that opinion that might shock everyone in your industry but you know is true?

That’s what tapping into your already-there genius looks like.

4. Discover how to become a TRUE leader

A true leader does more than head up meetings and sit in the corner office.

But when all you’ve seen is leadership-as-usual, it’s hard to even imagine what Iconic leadership looks like.

Your version of Iconic leadership will look different from someone else’s, but it could include:

  • Curating a team of truly incredible people who are just as committed to your vision as you are (and paying them accordingly)
  • Saying what everyone else in your industry is thinking but no one else is brave enough to say
  • Experimenting with products and services and business models that no one else in your industry has tried.
  • Taking a stand on important issues – publicly and loudly.
  • Modeling for your team and peers what’s possible: launching huge projects AND taking long vacations with your family. Making 7 and 8 figures in a niche everyone thought required “accessible price points.” Landing a big tv role with zero social media presence.

5. Recover from the mainstream mindset

Some of the hardest work we do with our clients here at Iconic Influencers is extricating them from the mainstream mindset.

When you’ve spent your whole career immersed in mainstream marketing, it can be surprisingly hard to even see the ways you’ve internalized it.

Fish don’t know they’re in water till they jump out of it. When you step into your inner Icon, you’re jumping out of the water of mainstream marketing.

Release the belief that you can’t create or launch a new offering till you’ve exhaustively polled your followers for what they want.

Stop making $197 mini courses that funnel into $497 courses.

Give yourself a break from the never-ending creation of super helpful, extremely free content that doesn’t make you money or bring in clients.

That approach to business and marketing bores and burns out geniuses like you. The sooner you release it, the sooner you can step into your inner Icon.

Allow yourself to think and act expansively

What if you gave yourself over to imagining what is truly possible for you and your work? What if you stopped putting a ceiling on your dreams?

So many of our Iconic clients subconsciously limit themselves when they first join our world. Their “big dreams” are a six-figure launch, flying first class, or getting a book deal.

But we have faith in your greatness and we’re going to nudge you towards what we know you’re actually capable of: 7 figure launches. Flying private, or buying your own plane. Writing a New York Times bestseller … that gets optioned for a movie. Landing multi-million dollar deals that’ll create massive impact.

Finally doing what you know you were put on this planet to do.

Once you’ve gotten comfortable with thinking expansively, your next Iconic move is to start acting expansively.

Booking a brand photoshoot with that famous photographer.

Raising your rates. Exponentially.

Joining a community filled with people who are operating at your level —people who won’t be shocked when you mention which company you are consulting for now at 7 figures or that you are looking at yachts to add to your collection.

Want to learn more about navigating your brand as an Icon? Watch my masterclass BEYOND INFLUENCE: How Elite Influencers, Creators And Personal Brands Are Landing Massive Deals And Clients.

Watching it will change your life. Promise.

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