The 2 Things You Need to Know to Position a Premium Personal Brand

You’re trying to build a premium personal brand.

You already have your story.

And you know the core philosophical beliefs that underpin what you do.

Now, you need to bring all of that to life with your brand. You want to build the temple that your people are going to worship at.

And that’s where the challenge comes in.

Even though you have all of the tools, you’re struggling to put them together…

You know what you believe in and what you stand for.

You’ve created the manifesto for the revolution that you want to bring to the market.

But people don’t understand it yet.

You haven’t positioned your offer and your brand to the point where people buy into it and want to be a part of it.

I know that sounds confronting.

But don’t feel discouraged. This is an area where many entrepreneurs struggle because it’s all about turning their dreams into reality…

It’s the most difficult piece of the puzzle!

But the good news is that there are only two things you need to know when it comes to positioning your personal brand:

  • Know what makes you number one in the world
  • Know your ideal client

I’m going to get to those in a moment.

But first, I have a message for anybody who wants to operate at the luxury end of the spectrum…

You Don’t Need These Two Things for a Luxury Brand

These two things are critical for those who want to build a premium brand. But as we see with many of the concepts taught at Iconic Influencers, there are key differences between premium and luxury.

For a luxury brand, you don’t need to do the work on an ideal target market.


You’re not positioning yourself in a marketplace.

You’re not looking at the competition or thinking about how you can differentiate yourself.

Instead, you’re the Pied Piper who’s blazing a new trail. You’re the pioneer, the maverick, whose focus is on creating an icon and a brand-new way of doing something.

If you’re creating a premium brand, you do things differently.

You position yourself against others, which means you need to know the marketplace. You have to know what your competition’s doing and what your ideal client looks like.

So, my quick message here is that you don’t need this article if you have a luxury brand. Switch your focus to your visuals and style instead of reading this.

But if you have a premium or ultra-premium brand…

You absolutely need these two things before you can focus on the visual representation of your style.

Let’s start with…

#1 – What Makes You Number One in the World?

At the premium level, you’re competing against other brands in the same space. That means you need to understand what differentiates you from those other brands.

What makes you special?

What do you bring into that space that nobody else can offer?

These questions aren’t easy to answer and a lot of our clients get stuck with them. And if you’re in that position right now, I have a simple exercise for you…

Think about all of the things that you’re amazing at.

You’ve already got your manifesto.

You know your core beliefs and you’ve built the narrative that underpins your brand.

But what are you the number one in the world at?

The answer to that question is what you’re going to use to position yourself against other brands.

Think about everything that you’re awesome at and then pick one thing from that list. Then, write a statement around it:

I am the number one person at <xyz>.

Whatever it happens to be, have the courage to say it out loud!

I know that’s difficult for some people. You may feel that celebrating yourself in this way means you come across as arrogant.

Dump those feelings out.

Know that it’s okay to celebrate your gift. It’s okay to feel confident about what you’re amazing at. If you don’t feel that way, you will never be able to sell at the premium or ultra-premium level.

Again, I know that sounds confronting.

But what I’m saying is that those who operate at this level have the courage to own their brilliance. They release the shackles of self-doubt that hold others back and they celebrate their special brand of magic.

You’re the best in the world at something.

Know what that is, celebrate it, and use it to position yourself in your market.

#2 – Who Is Your Ideal Client?

You know what makes you extraordinary…

Now, it’s time to identify the sort of people who will want to come along on the ride with you.

At this point, you don’t have your offer. You might even question the fact that you don’t know what you’re selling yet.

Forget about that for a moment. Instead, think about what the ideal person looks like for you.

What sort of person would make you feel passionate about even just the idea of working with them?

Who shares your core philosophical belief?

Who needs the thing that you’re the best in the world at?

And who can stand in front of you with $100,000 or more to pay for the transformation that you deliver?

That’s your ideal client.

It’s somebody who gets you super-psyched when you think about working for them.

And this doesn’t even have to be a specific person. I’ll often tell my clients to think about a celebrity or an A-list personality who represents their ideal client here.

What’s most important is that you understand this person.

You know what their motivations are…

You know where their deepest desires lie and what attracts them to you…

And you know that they align with your core philosophical beliefs.

Why do you need to know all of these things?

At the premium level, you choose your clients.

You’re the gatekeeper.

And access into your world is through invitation only.

There’s a very limited amount of space on your guest list, and you don’t want to fill it up with people who aren’t ideal for your business.

So, when figuring out what your ideal client looks like, think about who you want to let into your world.

Who do you want to influence more than anybody else in the world?

And who, if they paid you $100,000 or even $1 million, would you feel most excited about working with?

Again, write it all down.

You’ll need that information when you start targeting people with your offer.

It’s Time to Position Yourself

Positioning is key to the success of a premium brand.

You need to know what you’re the best in the world at so you can differentiate yourself. This one amazing piece of magic that only you possess is what will attract people to you.

But you also need to know who you want to attract.

Your magic will draw in people from all corners of the world. But as the owner of a premium brand, you get to choose who you work with. You get to spend all of your time around people who excite you and inspire you.

Know what that person looks like so you can position your offer to appeal specifically to them!

Once you’ve done this work, you’re ready to build your premium offer.

And that’s where Iconic Influencers can help.

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