Making Luxury Sales – The 5 Laws That Help You to Sell Your Brilliance

In luxury marketing and branding, you want to continue the brand journey to grow your brand equity. And you can do this through the sales process.

A key secret to selling a luxury brand is offering up a white-glove service.

The whole transaction process needs to be truly beautiful and exquisite. It also needs to be rare and exclusive. Your customers need to feel like they’re getting exceptional and unique value.

Unfortunately, this is the one area where a lot of people get stuck.

When it comes to making the sale, their magic starts to disappear and they revert back to old hat sales methods.

These old hat methods are boring, and sometimes painful, for everybody.

That’s why you need to build into your sales process a luxury philosophy. An experience for your potential client of exclusivity and rarity.

Always remember that you’re creating a real transformation with what you do. This is why you can make these premium sales!

And with my five laws of luxury sales, your deals will become legendary.

Let me explain.

The Laws

Law #1 - Carry Your Brand and Beliefs Through the Entire Sales Process

We’ve established that your beliefs should permeate the entire client experience, sales included. But how precisely do you do that in an online and physical environment?

When you’re in a physical environment:

  1. If you’re taking someone to lunch, you must pay for it.
  2. Choose a beautiful location – it could be a fine restaurant or a 5-star hotel. Or perhaps your offices are gorgeous. Bottom line: create an amazing environment that locks in all your brand equity.

When you’re making the sale online…

It’s a little bit more difficult, but still very doable. It all starts with your intent.

Take for example my client Sonika Asif, the President of Luxe Godhead.

She is selling her $100K+ packages over Messenger! But more than that, she just closed a $500K sale.

So there are beautiful ways of making sales online. It’s just that a lot of brands simply neglect to do it.

Law #2 - Stand in the Fire with Them

Since you’re getting people to invest both money and time, fears may arise. Not all the time because, again, you’re dealing with the top tier of clients. And so these people want and can afford to pay for luxury. But sometimes, they might have a doubt just before saying “yes”.

It’s your responsibility to pull them through those anxieties. This is how you “stand in the fire with them”.

When you know that you can truly change their lives, it’s YOUR responsibility to help them overcome their fears.

This doesn’t mean you’ll be pushing the client to hand over the cash. Remember, the luxury experience needs to flow into your sales process. Which means you’re there to help them make a decision for themselves.

Law #3 - It Doesn’t Have to Be a One-Call Close

With truly luxury offers, most of the time you won’t be able to close on the first call. And that’s ok. I’m not saying the one-call close never happens.

But it’s rare.

So don’t feel pressured that you need to make the sale after one chat. In fact, when you open yourself up to this idea of more than one call, it shifts your energy and makes the process less stressful for everybody.

Below are the key steps that usually take place in a luxury sale. Like I said, they can happen in one call but often with two:

  1. Inquiry
  2. Expanded Vision
  3. Invitation
  4. Clear Next Steps
  5. Connection

In addition to these steps is how you’re communicating. Remember, you’re the expert and the leader. You need to show up confidently in that conversation.

This is how Sonika closed a $500k deal over Messenger. It couldn’t have happened if she didn’t have certainty and if her client didn’t feel that certainty.

Law #4 - Create Videos to Build a Stronger Connection

At Iconic Influencers, we’ve recently started sending pre-call emails. It’s working really well. These emails pre-frame our conversations and help with positioning. They contain case studies and core content pieces… and the goal is to show prospective clients:

  • What we do
  • How we’re different
  • What we stand for

Another thing we’ve been experimenting with is Bonjoro, which is working really well, too. This is an online service that allows you to record and send snappy custom videos.

When someone books a call with me, I get a notification on my phone. Then, I create a 30-60 second video introducing myself and directing them to our website. I’ll also suggest to the potential client to check out our articles and case studies.

The important thing is that I’m affirming something that’s truly essential…

That this will be the best call our potential client has ever had.

With Bonjoro, it’s so simple to create a personalized video where each potential client is spoken to individually. They love it!

Go ahead and check it out.

Law #5 - Sprinkle Your Magic During the Sales Call

How do you build your authority during a sales call? By sharing your vision for your potential client.

Use your creativity and your vision to make the magic happen. What you’re looking for people to say is something like…

”Oh, I couldn’t have seen this myself!”

You want to hear and feel their excitement.

Of course, don’t promise someone the stars if you don’t see the stars. But if you do, that’s the moment a really creative conversation starts.

This is when you get to enjoy the passion… the joy… and the fun of selling a luxury offer.

So don’t be afraid to sprinkle your magic onto someone in the call!

It’s a Kind of Magic

At the end of the day, the luxury sales process needs to represent your brand. It must have every bit of the exclusivity, rarity, and style as your offer.

Of course, as you guide your prospect through their decision-making, they need to feel your conviction about their future.

They also need to feel the conviction about your genius and magic.

When that happens, and they understand your vision for them, sales becomes a mere formality.

You don’t need to close the sale. And you don’t need to apply any pressure. The entire experience is joyful for all.

Sure, there’s more to making luxury sales – both online and offline.

So go ahead and watch our latest Masterclass and I’ll take you through it.

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