The 6 Elements of a $100k Offer

So you’re sold on making $100k offers? Before that, you might want to learn about what your $100k offer has to cover first.

A survey of online courses caught my attention recently.

Excluding the ones that cost below $50 and free courses, the survey found that the average price of an online course was $182.59.

It was shocking to me that people are willing to sell their best work for this price.

Here’s what I believe…

If you have true magic coming out of your fingertips, then there’s no way that you should accept such a low price for it!

But it doesn’t end there…

Another thing that puzzles me is that some of the biggest coaching companies charge $3000 to $10,000 for their services.

I believe that’s not enough, either! It might be if you’re producing good results for people. It’s NOT enough if you’re in the business – as I am – of creating magical transformations.

I’m talking about the kind of transformations that people happily pay $100k… $200k… $500k and more!

When you put your brilliance in that context, $10,000 isn’t nearly enough for the genius that you bring to the table.

I want you to know that there are better ways. I want you to know that you don’t have to feel scared about commanding what you and your extraordinary talents are truly worth.

It’s not arrogance.

It’s value. And it’s impact.

And to make sure that happens, there are six elements to master so you can make your $100k offer.

#1 Get Into the Mind of Those for Whom $100k Isn't a Lot of Money

Here’s a confession that may surprise you…I also undersold myself when I first started. I sold my brilliance for $8000, $15,000, and $25,000. My clients appreciated my ability to create unique business strategies, and I knew that I was incredibly good at what I did. But soon I had an epiphany – I was placing my own limitations on what I felt I was worth. I’ll tell you now. In the corporate world, as an example, $100,000 is a tiny investment. Companies routinely spend far more than that in their businesses. But so do smaller businesses and individuals, too! So why did I feel so scared about asking for more? I wasn’t clear on my target market. If you’re selling to the right person – and if you’re offering an amazing transformation – $100,000 isn’t a huge number. In fact, it’s a drop in the ocean if it helps somebody achieve their dreams. That transition in my mindset was the most critical change. And if you’re stuck on offering a premium offer like I was, I promise this will be your epiphany! Bottom line: you’re looking for the top 1% of your market to have as clients.

#2 Be a Maverick

I get excited every time I work with a new client. That’s because I am always discovering new and fascinating ways they get results for their clients. They typically have an amazing, unique positioning that they’re not doing enough with. And that’s when I come along and help them crystallise their true value! What’s the secret? As I’ve mentioned in other articles, to be a maverick, you need to be a Maserati in a parking lot of Fords. You need to be a Chanel in a sea of fast fashion. You need to be so good that you’re always pushing boundaries while everybody else stays stuck! However, being a maverick doesn’t necessarily mean being a rebel. You can also be the royalty of your niche with a breakout idea and method.It’s about your position in your field… just as long as you are a pioneer or trendsetter. So don’t worry about what your competition is doing. If you’re a true maverick, people will see your magic. Some might even try to copy you 🙂

#3 Get an Extraordinary Outcome

As an ultra-premium brand, getting an extraordinary outcome is the core of what we do. To create extraordinary outcomes there are two values that are most important. They are quality and experience. If you want to make $100k offers and up, your clients MUST get a genuinely extraordinary outcome. If not, you can’t sell at $100k consistently. So you need to be very clear on your ideal client’s outcome. Not only that, notice I said “ideal” client? So that means most of the people you currently work with are probably NOT your ideal client. That’s because a transformational $100k offer is normally only extended to people that can afford them. Sure, maybe it’s a lot of money by most people’s standards. But not to the person or company whose dreams you’re making come true! The true power of a $100k offer happens when both the promise of a magical result… and the ideal client come together! It’s when you paint the vision of the transformational outcome, to the person that can afford it, that dreams are created!

#4 Focus on Rarity

I’ve said that you need to be a Maserati in a world of Fords. That’s how you create an air of exclusivity and rarity around your business. Anybody can go out and buy a Ford but only a select few can have the Maserati! That’s you. You’re the Maserati. Or at least, that’s what I want you to be. But how do you create rarity and exclusivity? Here are 4 ideas:

  1. Make your beliefs known. What makes you different from everyone else? That’s what you should be promoting. You’re not only branding yourself but your system of beliefs, which is what people know you for.
  2. Listen to your market and listen carefully. Then speak to their values and goals.
  3. Be bold. Be brave. Stand in your power. That means being 100% clear on what you stand for and who you will work with.
  4. Speak to emotions. If you take a look at the branding of luxury cars, you’ll see that there’s always a primal and emotional message at the base. You want the same for your premium offer – you want to shape a rare emotional outcome that only your brand can provide.

#5 Create an Exclusive Circle for Your Ideal Client

“Gating” is necessary to make successful premium offers, but it’s also one of the hardest things to achieve. When you’re not available to the masses, it makes you exclusive and rare. Why? Because you’re only accessible to a select group of people. This is not a bad thing.In fact, it tells people that you have something so phenomenal to offer that you simply can’t share it with everyone. That’s how I got my first $100k client. I reached out and pitched the idea that I’d be the best person for the job. She didn’t come looking for a marketing strategist to work with. On the contrary, I chose her as my ideal client and the best strategist in the space. That’s the way to create an exclusive circle. This premium space sends a message to your clients. They know that they’re receiving exclusive attention.

#6 Sell Authentically

There are so many ways to sell premium offers. One of the most common is getting a client to sit in their pain until they can’t wait to work with you. I don’t like that. I think it’s bullying a client into making a decision. Plus, it’s just the worst way to start a relationship.

But if you sell authentically, then it can be one of the ways to be different from everyone else in the market! Which is why I guide clients to their dream. Then I layer on top other techniques such as:

  • natural scarcity
  • expanded vision
  • pitching but not selling
  • choosing to work together.

Sales becomes so much more authentic also when you’re someone of established authority. Which is why you need to be present on social media… email and so on. That’ll set the “pre-frame” for your authority, so when you show a potential client what’s in store for them, you’re NOT selling. You’re showing them how you’ll be going on a journey together to where they truly want to be. You’re setting the pace of the relationship in an elegant manner. It’s like a slow dance that often leads to a conversion after two or three conversations! This is what I call the new law of $100k sales. Rather than bullying a client into working with you, you’re giving them the freedom to choose.

Be an Authentic Maverick

If you know deep down that you can do more and better, it’s time to focus on making $100k offers to your clients. That’s the quickest way to reach $1 million and position your business at the high end. The first thing you need to do is to stop underselling yourself. Start working on a premium strategy that will help your business thrive in the way that you know you deserve. The rules are simple.

Be a maverick and do things differently than others in your industry.

Make sure that your clients get an extraordinary outcome.

Use luxury marketing techniques and choose the one extraordinary value that will make you a Maserati in the land of Fords.

In the end, you must sell authentically. Never bully your prospects into working with you. Choose your ideal clients and use your authority to make them feel privileged that you’ve chosen them for your exclusive circle.

Does this sound like a plan?

Watch our latest Masterclass to learn more about making premium offers that your ideal clients can’t refuse.

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