The 7 Tips for Selling Your $100k Offer

Do you feel that nobody would ever pay you $100k for coaching or services? If so, you’re not alone.

It’s the biggest fear many of my clients have when I first start working with them. No matter how brilliant they are, they still struggle to ask for what they’re truly worth.

Some even feel arrogant for even considering the thought!

As I see it, you have two ways that you can build your business:

Option #1: You can build a massive audience from scratch and put yourself in a position where you’re diluting your magic. Why? Because you’re trying to spread yourself too thin and be everything to everybody.

Option #2: You can do it the premium way.

Take Tony Robbins as an example. His model is different from other “life coaches’. One way that he works with clients is by charging about a million dollars… plus a percentage of sales. So he does better when his clients do better.

You may not believe it now, but amazing results like this are possible for you, too.

How? By shifting your focus from the money… to the impact you can create! Which is why money follows impact… and not the other way around. You must first feel an intrinsic motivation to change lives at the deepest level.

After that, the money will follow but it’s not the prime motivator. That’s the real secret to successfully selling $100k offers time and again. That’s the real secret to creating transformations for your clients.

But they’re not the only secrets. In the remainder of this article, I’m going to share with you 7 tips for selling your $100k offer and bringing your brilliance to the forefront.

#1 It’s Easier Than You Think To Sell a $100k Offer

Recently, one of our clients sold her first $100k offer. What she said to me after was particularly enlightening for her… but not surprising for me. She said:“It was just as hard to sell that $100k program as it was to sell the ones at $5,000!”. I know it sounds hard to believe, but it’s true! Time and time again our clients report the same startling realisation. And time and time again they say, “I wish I did this sooner!” So, here’s a question… Why would you want to sell a $5,000 program when you can sell it at $100k with the same amount of work? The answer: you shouldn’t. But don’t get me wrong… Yes, you still have to put effort in. But you’re doing it in a far more elegant way. You’re spending similar time on landing a handful of premium clients rather than 1000s of tiny clients. Better, huh?

#2 Work on Your Money Mindset

Some people get concerned about selling high-end offers in a time of crisis like this. And it’s a fair concern. But it’s not reality. We have so many clients selling $100k offers… and reporting record sales months!What’s the difference between these people and yourself? The problem lies in your money mindset. You’re basing it on YOUR perceived value of $100k.But that’s not the way to sell premium offers. You have to get over YOUR perception and into your client’s head. $100k may be a lot for you, or it may not be. But it’s definitely a drop in the ocean for a client who needs and wants the magic you offer. It’s a bargain for the client whose life or business you transform with your brilliance! That’s especially true if it’s a transformation they’re unable to find anywhere else.

#3 There’s No Snake Oil

Not a single one of my clients sells snake oil! They’re all maverick entrepreneurs who work incredibly hard to get to where they are. This sounds so obvious but many people miss this. Creating and selling $100k offers isn’t just about raising prices and then sitting back and putting your feet up. At least not if you expect people to take you up on your offer. A $100k offer is about bringing radical change to your client’s lives! It also takes bravery on your part. Because when you’re selling $100k offers there’s a deep level of responsibility that comes with that. $100k offers only work if you can truly transform lives and there’s substance to what you do. So yes, you work hard. But you also need to be great. And you need to have the confidence in yourself that you are great. That’s what toughest for most people to grapple with. $100k offers are, at their core, about how much you value yourself.

#4 Don’t Minimize Yourself

One of our high-profile clients, Dr Tracy Thomas, is the world’s first emotional scientist. She runs a virtual emotional training centre. In the beginning, when she went online, her aim was to make a massive impact. So she knocked down her standard $350k offer to something like $8k. In short, she minimized herself. Shortly after starting to work with her, Dr. Thomas realised that wasn’t her destiny! That it’s not the level that her unique and amazing talents deserved to be at. Working with us, she opened herself up to the dreams and ambitions that she’d had early in her career. Now she’s making $150k premium offers. She’s offering packages that are in line with what she’s really worth. So, if you know that you’re able to achieve amazing outcomes for your clients, don’t minimize yourself.

#5 Be a Maserati in a Sea of Fords

To make a $100k offer, you must be a true maverick. You need to be different from everyone else. Most of all, your proposal must promise an extraordinary outcome for your client. That’s why you need to present yourself as a Maserati among Fords. A Ford is nice, but a Maserati is exclusive and ultra-premium. But not everyone can have it… and this is where most people struggle. They want everybody to be their market. With $100k offers though, your goal is only to work with the crème de la crème of your market. The top 1% of your market that wants, affords and values what you can do for them. Your ability to create a true impact puts you in rarified air. Just like Maserati, nobody can imitate you or provide the experience that you offer. Be brave and become that Maserati rather than losing yourself in a sea of Fords.

#6 Stop Looking at What Others Are Doing

I get it. It can be scary to be a “black sheep”. That one different person that’s charting their own course. The individual. But it’s the person who is willing to forge their own path that creates huge change. It’s this person that others talk about with reverence. So, please, don’t look around at what your industry is doing. Don’t play it safe. I want you to be brave. I want you to be an individual. I want your light to shine through!It can only shine though if you stop comparing yourself against your competition. All that will do is force you to lose your focus. Mavericks don’t worry if they’re doing something “wrong”. They don’t let fears about their own self worth or value drag them down. They stay focused on their brilliance. That’s what I want you to do, too.

#7 Be Clear on Your Ideal Client’s Outcomes

To be a maverick, you must innovate and sell at a high level all the time. As you innovate, you need to provide consistent value to your clients.

To do that, you must be clear about the outcomes that you want for your ideal clients. How do you want to transform their business? How do you want to help them transform lives?

After you get to know your client and their deepest desires, you can expand their vision of the outcome and transformation.

Just keep in mind that quality and experience are what people are buying from you. And to make $100k offers, you need to deliver a truly extraordinary outcome.

Extraordinary Work Brings Extraordinary Results

To sell $100k offers, you need to develop the right mindset.

That’s the most important step.

Which is why I want you to expand your vision. I want you to understand that the life you’ve always dreamed of is possible for you.

It’s within your reach!

You don’t have to fear it.

You have so much magic inside of you that’s just waiting to burst out. Be brave, be brilliant, and understand that you’re good enough to play big.

And at Iconic Influencers, we want to help you to get there. We want to help you make your true dreams for your business become a reality.

These tips are just the beginning.

But we can show you so much more.

With Iconic Influencers, you can turn your wildest dreams into the reality that you live. Watch our latest Masterclass with us to get started.

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