The 8 Elements of a Premium Brand (Part One)

Right now, let’s make one thing clear...

You’re destined to create a premium brand!

You can provide a unique experience unlike anything else in your market. You’re the brave and brilliant entrepreneur who has the ability to create a deep impact that improves the lives of your clients for years to come.

But right now, that brand may still be a dream.

It’s something that you want to create – and you know you’re capable of creating it – but you’re not sure where to start.

How do you build a premium brand?

How do you put yourself in a position where you can create stunning transformations for your clients?

It’s all about the elements.

To be precise, there are eight elements to building a premium brand that you need to understand. Here, I’ll introduce the first four of them.

Don’t worry…

The other four are coming!

But your only task right now is to focus on what I’m about to share and build it into your premium brand. And that starts with…

Element #1 – Build It Around What You’re the Best in the World At

When you create a premium brand, you take an existing concept or paradigm and shift it. You bring something new to the table in an established niche. But to stand out from the crowd, you need to be the very best at what you do.

Perhaps that sounds a little intimidating.

There may be a lot of competition in your niche who do what you do really well. So how do you establish yourself as doing it better?

It’s all about positioning.

In the sea of all of these people, you position yourself as number one.

You have the strongest brand. You’re the best in the world at what you do. The transformation you create exceeds anything that your clients could possibly get from anybody else.

All of your marketing needs to represent this belief. The verbiage you use and the branding you put out into the world must show that you’re the best.

To do that, start with examining the competitive landscape.

Look behind you, around you, and even in front of you. Then, look inwards and ask yourself what you are absolutely the best in the world at.

This isn’t about being arrogant.

I want you to know that you’re in a safe place to celebrate your talents and your gifts. Recognizing what you’re the best at allows you to harness those gifts to create true magic for your clients.

Knowing that you’re the best creates confidence.

Positioning yourself as the best ensures you stand out.

Element #2 – Gating

Premium brands have what I call the descending model.

At the highest tier of the model, you gate yourself off. You create an exclusive community that’s only accessible to a select group of clients. These are the people with whom you dive in deep.

The next level has a little less direct involvement from you. You’re still helping your clients with the front-end of their strategy. However, they don’t have direct access to you in the same way as the clients at the higher tier.

And then, we have the third tier.

Make no mistake – this is still a premium tier. But at this level, you’re serving the lowest end of your market in a democratized way. What you deliver goes to a broader audience to generate more of a mainstream impact. The tier is still congruent with your brand and still offers an ultra-high level of service.

It’s just gated off from the second tier.

And that tier is a similarly gated offer from the highest tier.

This concept of gating is such an important part of building a premium brand. It’s how you create exclusivity within your offer.

Only those in the highest tier can have direct access to you and your brilliance.

You create an exclusive group within your offer that everybody wants to be a part of.

But here’s the secret…

Very few of your clients will reach that tier.

At Iconic Influencers, our highest tier only contains four or five people at any one time. These are clients that I hand-select to work with privately. I choose them because I really like them and they really like me in return. I believe in their concepts and I want to get deep into their business at a partner level.

That’s not a service that I provide to every client.

But at the same time, I know it’s a level of service that all of my clients want.

That’s the power of gating. You build something exclusive, like a club or a mastermind, and you instantly have something desirable for a premium client.

Element #3 – Focus on Transformation and Outcomes

The difference between a premium and luxury brand is that the premium brand relies heavily on transformation.

It relies on a utilitarian concept that’s extremely high-quality and focuses on the outcome in the sales process.

Think of it in the same way as the difference between a Mercedes and a Maserati.

With a Maserati, you’re getting something that sits at the luxury end of the market. They’re produced in very limited amounts and they’re actually pretty uncomfortable. But they appeal to an extremely small segment of the market.

A Mercedes is still an elite car. It’s well-built and incredibly reliable, but it’s value-focused.

That’s the difference that you’ll see in the marketing for these two cars.

The Mercedes ad will mention the price and hone in on the value offered. It will talk about the features of the car and the quality of the components. And it will focus on the transformation that the brand offers.

Your premium brand must do the same.

Focus on the transformation and outcomes.

Tell your market what they’ll receive when they work with you. Tell them how they’ll feel, what features they can expect from you, and how working with you will change them.

At the premium level, people buy into the transformation.

They buy into the outcome.

As long as you focus on that in your messaging, you’ll attract your ideal clients to your brand.

Element #4 – Expand Their Vision

Lorna of Luxe Godhead says that she spent two years and over $100,000 trying to find a service like Iconic Influencers.

She worked with many top coaches and consultants during those two years. However, she never found one that delivered what she wanted.

With Iconic Influencers, she expanded her vision.

She finally saw what was truly possible for her brand and she made it happen. Today, Luxe Godhead confidently holds the position on the world stage that Lorna dreamed of.

This concept of expanding a vision is such an important part of building a premium brand.

Your clients will come to you and tell you about their vision. They’ll talk about what they want to be and the dreams that they have.

Your job at this point isn’t to dig into the pain they feel.

That’s what a mainstream coach or consultant does. They focus on the pain and how the client needs to get rid of it before they can even look at the dream.

That works well at the low end of the market, but it’s a horrible concept for a premium brand.

At the premium level, you acknowledge the pain without making it the focus. Instead, you expand the vision that your client brings to the table.

You dig into their dreams.

You dig into their deepest desires.

You listen to them, understand them, and expand on the vision of what they want to become.

Premium coaches and consultants paint pictures for their clients. They focus on the extraordinary talents and audacious goals that their clients have.

And then…

They partner with their clients to make those dreams real!


Does Your Brand Have These Four Elements?

I hope that you’re starting to see the difference between premium and mainstream brands.

When you operate at the premium level, you’re no longer working at the lowest end of your market.

Instead, you recognize your own brilliance and position yourself as the best in the world at what you do. You build exclusivity into your model and focus on the transformation, rather than the pain.

At the premium level, you expand your client’s vision of what’s possible for them. And in doing so, you dare them to become the bold and brave dreamers who achieve truly remarkable things.

There are another four elements of premium brands for us to cover.

But the four I’ve shared here will help you to start achieving a transformation of your own. You’re moving away from the mainstream model and towards a level of business that you’ve always dreamed about.

And I’m ready to help you take your brand even further.


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